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Cities are nodes where various streams of people and cultures meet. When a city embraces its diversity and aims for self-sufficiency and integration, it portrays itself as an Open City. This project aims to integrate the streams of people at Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam and let them meet on the square. The classical music culture, currently hosted by De Doelen and the working culture are intertwined into a new social context.
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Both the working and listening culture are trying to broader their borders. De Doelen tries to reach a wider audience. The listening culture in the 18th century was quite different from now. Social and business appointments would take place during a concert. Children would run around and play. The audience wasn’t expected to be silent during the concert. Now we do expect 100% focus on the music. A more flexible and casual listening culture could make classical music approachable and attractive to more people. My design of the square enables people to listen to classical music like in the 18th century. The working culture is also moving towards more casual and flexible vibes. Hybrid and flexible careers that are looking for office space outside the usual.
My design Listening Culture for Schouwburgplein gives room on the square to the developing cultures as described above. Different activities can take place: working, performing, playing, listening, relaxing, eating, etc. The acoustic shell provides a self-sufficient stage without electronic needs. The integration of streams of cultures is translated in the design by the laminated structure and variations in height. People can move across the square in the threedimenional space. The metal model accentuates the stratification even more. The bicycle path is slightly moved. Now you will be able to enjoy the view through the Lijnbaan on city hall. The underground bicycle storage is a second entrance to De Doelen and stimulates the visitors of the concert hall to arrive by bike.
After presenting the design to the director of de Doelen Janneke Staarink, the model was exhibited in the entrance of the Doelen in 2019.
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